Dr. G. Hacisalihoglu has taught a variety of upper division and freshman courses at Florida A&M University and Cornell University, developed those courses mostly from scratch.

Courses Taught by DR. G. HACISALIHOGLU:

  • BSC1010-SU: SCALE-UP-General Biology I @Florida A&M University
  • BOT2313 Plant Anatomy & Development | @Florida A&M University
  • BOT3303 Plant Morphology Lecture & Lab | @Florida A&M University
  • BSC1011L Gen.Biology II Lab (organismal diversity) | @Florida A&M University
  • BSC1005 Biological Science for non-majors | @Florida A&M University
  • BOT2313L Plant Anatomy & Development Lab | @Florida A&M University
  • BSC1010 General Biology I Lecture | @Florida A&M University
  • BSC1010L Gen. Biology Lab | @Florida A&M University
  • BSC4931 Pro-Seminar Biology | @Florida A&M University
  • BSC1005L Biological Science Lab for non-majors | @Florida A&M University
  • PCB2033 Ecology Lecture & Lab | @Florida A&M University
  • BIOPL244 Plant Physiology Lab | @Cornell University
  • BIOPL241 Intro Botany Lab | @Cornell University
  • BIO308 Plant Physiology (Lecture & Lab) | @Cornell University